yourscarletteletter asked: What's the HoN family? :)

It’s a page on my blog. My followers can ask me to be a character from the HoN series and I add their url to my blog. C:
About a year ago a lot of fanblogs had families but it isn’t that popular anymore. ;)

beatricemarsilius asked: Can I be Erin in your HoN family? If it isn't taken already :3

Yeah sure, I added you. Welcome. C:

stevie-rae-johnson asked: I noticed people joining the family and wanted to be Stevie Rae but saw that she was already taken. But the link says there is no blog at that URL so is there any chance that spot is open?

Yep, I’ll chance the url into yours. ;)¬†
Welcome! ^^

drunkenangst asked: Hallo! Can I be Aphrodite in your House of Night family? Btw, I love your blog and pretty much everything HoN X3

Yeah sure, welcome to the family. ;)

Stark, two words: shut it. Oh, and two more words: jealous much?

Aphrodite, Revealed (via stevie-rae-johnson)

kiwi-sloth asked: Hii Can I be in Damien Maslin family please?? xx love your blog!!

Sure, I’ll add you, welcome to the family!

Anonymous asked: Did you ever notice that in their "secret affair" Loren always recited poems to her but they we're never his own work. This could be attributed to the fact he was really working for Neferet the entire time. The one which he did write he didn't even say to her face, it was written down.

Could be. This is a very interesting theory.

Anonymous asked: So I have the HoN series in paperback but now I want them on my tablet. Ive already found 1-4 but I can't find hunted anywhere. Would you happen to know a link or any way I can get it without having to pay for them again?

You can download all the books here. :)

ro-zden asked: So, what was your reaction when, during Jack's funeral, Zoey referred to him as 'Jack Swift' rather than his actual name 'Jack Twist'? Do you think there's a good reason for that at all?

I have no clue to be honest. I thought it was a bit weird, but perhaps it was an inside joke between Zoey and Jack? But that can hardly be the reason because we should’ve known that I guess …

Any guesses, fledglings?